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We are one of the upcoming primary server management companies in Angamali, Kochi, Kerala. Well set with the advanced infrastructure and world-class facilities, we provide a varied array of server administration services like web hosting support, help desk management, IT infrastructure outsourcing, system integration services, and much more. We have an extensive server management service which takes care of your design, structure and operative requirements. Featured with faster delivery time, notable cost savings, experienced sysadmins, we are able to effectively manage all your server and hosting related requirements. Great efforts are put in to bring out the best suit plan exclusively for your business requirements.

All aspects of the regular server operations are managed well with an hourly or a subscription-based plan. A comprehensive set of automated services are applied efficiently to ensure an ultimate server performance all round the clock.

Snortech Solutions Private Limited cover server administration, management, configuration, and integration which brings you comprehensive, dedicated and professional server support under a single roof. Enjoy a complete serenity with a preset reasonable cost. Devote your undivided attention to the growth of your core business!

Sever migration

Confidently migrate your server data and configuration, with an assured integrity of the migrated data.

Server diagnosis and recovery

Experience the server diagnosis and recovery services at a lightning speed. We value your productivity!

Server hardening

Hurry up to ensure a secure server operating environment!

Mail server set up

Have more control and privacy of your emails with our proficient mail server set up.

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Web hosting support

Enjoy a wide range of benefits like reliability, good control over data, design, domain and email, and more.



Magnify the power of the AWS cloud from our AWS certified professionals.



Keep your business vibrant and highly responsive effectively at unbelievable rates



Avail the support both for cPanel and Non-cPanel servers.


Hourly dedicated admins

Highlighted by Experienced Server Admins, Cost-Effective Billing, All-Inclusive Server Support, Industry-Leading SLA, and an On-Demand Availability.

Shared Support Plans

Try out the most popular and cost-effective server management services from Snortech Solutions Private Limited without adjusting the quality of service.

Dedicated support plans

We are ready with a team of efficient server professionals to address all the technical issues exclusively for you at the earliest.

SSL installation

Create the most secure environment for all your online businesses irrespective of its location. Convince the potential customers regarding the safety and security of transaction processes.

Windows server administration

Featured by OS Support, Application Support, Control Panel Support, Server Monitoring, Performance Optimization and many more.

Gamma Meaningful

Black List Removal, Malware removal, Abuse removal etc. are some other services of supreme importance.

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