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Malware Removal

A Server wide scan and malware removal with enhancement of the servers that provide all the necessary requirements for ongoing server security management. Oversee the integrity and safety of your servers, when you choose this service. Our combination of industry leading virus and malware removal technologies and experienced technicians, provide our clients with the most trusted service for restoring infected servers to most secure and safe ones. Our unique Malware Detection & Removal Service is a one-time service aimed at getting rid of all kinds of malware threats, including, but not limited to, ransomware, trojan horses, worms, viruses, rootkits, keyloggers and adwares.

Online Consulting

We have the team of IT and IT related service consultants . Our consultants are highly experienced for every area of IT operations from beginning the planning till the launch. We have our reputation by providing full range of business consultancy and delivery solutions to companies in new start-up, retail, corporate, manufacturing, and Brand building with Growth hacks.

Server Management

When it comes to Server Management, responsible for the operations and day-to-day management of an infrastructure of network servers, Optimizing performance, Montoring services, even third-party software installations are our domains. Our Server administrators manage the infrastructure, Web, and IT application servers, using scripts and batch files written by themselves or others to accomplish tasks on a regular basis. It comes with a package deal. All the server administration services wrapped up in a single service that is, proactive server hardening, monitoring, patching, and optimization to disaster recovery, outage response, backups and server troubleshooting.

Server Migrations

Our Migration service are being undertaken with a long-term view rather than taking a project-by-project refresh approach. We develop strategy and phased migration plan, and provide support for migration and implementation, and knowledge transfer. We have a creative and experienced team of Support agents & consultants who are proficient in technologies like Linux, Windows and Macintosh. We offers a wide variety of options to migrate servers among physical, virtual, or cloud infrastructure of your choice. Whether you are migrating to a virtual private server, a cloud environment or a dedicated physical server, our custom-tailored, dependable and no down-time migration strategy can seamlessly migrate your business to the environment of your choice.

Web Application Development

We boldly transform your businesses from the inside out, integrating technologies in ways you never imagined. At here,Snortech Solutions pvt ltd, have a client-centric methodology for developing and designing web applications responsive and adaptive websites switch to a different design when they are accessed from a variety of device, on the other hand, scale to fit the different screen sizes of mobile devices. Build and deploy Cross platform applications with enterprise tools and developer environments.

Web hosting

You can experience the best possible faster web hosting for website. Our team of pros takes care of the backend, and you don’t need to worry about it.Also we are providing cheap web hosting in india. We are a knowledgeable and insightful team, excited to resolve any issue or answer any questions that you may have. Our highly-trained support staff are ready to assist you with all manner of issues related to your hosting experience.

WordPress management

Snortech Solutions have a speciality in providing durable Managed WordPress Hosting services for most critical sites. Choosing WordPress to build your website will get you a secure and easy platform that you can easily extend thanks to the many free WordPress plugins available. Our featuring includes 24/7 support, managed deployment,backed up with a very fine webstack. Faster page loading, tuning for maximum performance and hassle-free experience. Additionally our system administrators are working for protecting the sites from Malware infections with timely updation of plugins and version patches.